Monday, March 3, 2008

WAY too long since my last post!

I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last post. I guess saying things have been hectic doesn't really sound legit, huh? I'll try my best to keep up with blogging since I rely on some of my fave bloggers for ideas! Enough talking, it's time for some new projects:

This was a card I sent to my cousin & his wife for their new baby girl. I just *love* making baby cards!

This is one of my Stamps in the Mail projects. After following the tutorial on, I created one for my SITM ladies. Basically, you use a smooth edge can opener to open the *bottom* of a can with a pop top lid. Then you clean it, decorate it, fill it, and seal it back up! It's a super fun way to give cash as a gift.

If you are interested in getting several projects sent to your door each month (including the supplies needed to make the projects), make sure to email me for more info:

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Lee said...

I just saw one of these the other's the cutest ever idea!!! Now I just need to get one of those safety can openers!!! Good to "see" you back!!