Monday, March 3, 2008

Birthday Invitation

My best friend came down from Maryland to work on special bday invites for her grandmother who is turning 90 this year!

She wanted something pretty and very pink, so this is what we came up with (excuse the label on top of the personal info -- I figured she didn't want the address & phone # of her brother given out!):

Not stamping related

Ok, so this post is not going to be stamping related. . . you are forewarned! : )

I just wanted to share something I learned about from Thrifty Mommy's blog. It's the Grocery Game
. It's AMAZING!!! Basically, the site publishes a list of the sales combined with coupons (start saving your Sunday coupon packs) so that you save at least 50% at the grocery store (sometimes you actually get items for FREE). I was really skeptical b/c I didn't think spending money to save money made sense. (It's $1 for the 1st 4 weeks, then $10 for the next 8 weeks.)

I believed that shopping at Super Walmart was the only way to save money on groceries. But I finally decided to give it a try & now I'm shopping at Giant (they have lists for lots of stores in each state). This is my second week -- yesterday I saved $74!!

Here's the breakdown:
Total BEFORE discounts/coupons: $153
Total AFTER discounts/coupons: $79 -- YES, really!!

So, if you add my 1st week's totals, I have spent $154 in two weeks for $260 worth of groceries!! This includes toiletries, diapers, paper towels, etc. AND food! And honestly, I could just buy diapers, milk & bread for the next 3-4 weeks and we'd have MORE than enough food. You should see my freezer -- it's INSANE how much food is in there! I'm stockpiling right now, so I'm spending about $80-90/week. Eventually, I will be spending only $50-60/wk for all FIVE of us!

If you are skeptical about this idea of The Grocery Game (like I was) -- just save your coupon packs from the paper for the next 4 weeks. Then sign up for the $1 trial. I PROMISE you that even the first week you will be SHOCKED at how much you are saving -- and this would work for any size family. It only takes me 20 min each Sunday to choose the items I want from the list online & print it, then find my coupons (they tell you where to find each coupon). I would not do this if it involved any more time than that! And FYI -- I'm now meal planning around what I get on sale.

Here's one example of a great deal I got yesterday:
The 12 pack of Bounty paper towels is normally $12.99. It was on sale for $10.99, and I had a $2 off coupon. Because I spent $25+ on Proctor & Gamble products, I got a $7 coupon off my next grocery total. If you break it down, that means I only spent $1.99 for all those paper towels!

If you do sign up, please use my email address ( in the referral box b/c I can earn free weeks.

So although it wasn't stamping related, now I have more money to spend on stamps!!!

WAY too long since my last post!

I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last post. I guess saying things have been hectic doesn't really sound legit, huh? I'll try my best to keep up with blogging since I rely on some of my fave bloggers for ideas! Enough talking, it's time for some new projects:

This was a card I sent to my cousin & his wife for their new baby girl. I just *love* making baby cards!

This is one of my Stamps in the Mail projects. After following the tutorial on, I created one for my SITM ladies. Basically, you use a smooth edge can opener to open the *bottom* of a can with a pop top lid. Then you clean it, decorate it, fill it, and seal it back up! It's a super fun way to give cash as a gift.

If you are interested in getting several projects sent to your door each month (including the supplies needed to make the projects), make sure to email me for more info: