Thursday, July 12, 2007

Conserving Ribbon

I decided to post a tutorial on how to conserve ribbon when making a lot of the same card. Some of you may know this trick, but to me, I discovered it yesterday! The main reason why I did this is because I had to make 10 cards for a customer, but only had enough ribbon for about 5. I had wanted to tie the ribbon all the way around the card. But I realized that if it was only on the front, I'd be able to have the same look with the help of some sticky strip (I LOVE that stuff!).

This card (that I posted yesterday) uses the technique. Here's the steps and I promise to add detail tutorial photos by tomorrow:

Run a piece of sticky strip across the area you want your ribbon.
Cut a small piece of ribbon (for a fake bow) and lay it VERTICALLY across the sticky strip.
Lay a piece of ribbon across the entire piece of sticky strip HORIZONTALLY, and on top of the smaller piece.
Trim your edges & tie the (fake) bow.

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chelemom said...

Great idea for conserving ribbon! This is a really cute card too!