Saturday, May 5, 2007

Organization . . . . FINALLY!

Ok, so I'm not totally finished organizing my space, but it's close! I still have one corner to work on.

I know how much I enjoy looking at how everyone else has organized their spaces, so here you go!

When you look into the room, this is what you see first:

To the left -- my desk/computer/printer is now between the two front windows.

Straight ahead & to left -- a small cabinet with all of my stamp sets inside (even the soon to be retired that are very sad . . . ) and on top is my "cuttlebug station"!! I'm SO excited to have a designated area for cuttlebugging cardstock.

Straight ahead & to right -- The *beautiful* white shelf is from IKEA. I'm still deciding how to organize the shelves. I've written what is on each shelf (click to enlarge). And I put this lovely piece together all by myself this morning.

When you turn to the right, this is what you see:

My workstation is a table next to the shelf. I have my ink pads on top for now (looking for a table to put in the corner of wasted space & get them off the table top). By the way, my little table lamp is another IKEA find for $3.99!
Above left is my IKEA rack/organizer & above right is a shelf that holds extra ink pads, drawers of adhesive & my ribbon holders.

Here is my "unorganized corner."
I figure this "before" picture will be a great contrast to the "after" picture. I have a great acrylic paper holder/organizer that needs to be REorganized! The worst part of this area is under the table. I need to sort out the papers and get the clutter out of there into its new home somewhere in the new IKEA shelf. There's also a box of retired stamps under there that will be offered up for sale soon.

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Renée said...

I love your space! Looks really great. I've wanted that cube shelf from IKEA for a while. My friend has one. She found a 12x12 shadow box frame that actually fits right inside it (with a lip on the outside), makes a great cover!

Just found your blog too, via the really nice comment you left on mine! Thanks!!