Monday, May 14, 2007


So sorry, everyone!

I've been working on my OTHER work -- transcription -- lately. I transcribe oral histories (like career interviews of generals and such) for the USMC's History Division. I just finished a 118 page session (turned in late last night), so I am going to devote this week to playing with my children (and blogging, too, of course!).

Look for some new posts later tonight (after the kiddos are in bed). Oh, I'll post a picture of something I'm going to pick up this afternoon -- a new "tote" that I ordered. I'll have more details on that soon . . . in the meantime, you can check out Ever Sew English. Honestly, you have to see these totes in person.

Oh my . . . I'm getting anxious to go get my tote now!

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